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Custom Built Homes In Costa Rica


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Luxury Custom Built Homes

~ Costa Rica ~

Founded in Cóbano de Puntarenas, Costa Rica, our mission is to guide our clients
through their journey, to realizing their dream of home ownership in beautiful Costa Rica.
Our team's diverse professional background assists with the entire process
from lot selection and home design, through development and construction.
We are committed to servicing the individual needs and desires of our clients,
while respecting the local environment and bio-diversity that we all share.
Our mutual success and satisfaction is ensured by our ability to manage from the onset,
our client's expectations as they pertain to budget, schedule and quality assurance.




Guide our clients in building the house of their dreams.
We distinguish ourselves for being visionary, innovative, Committed to the quality of the product, with ethical and moral principles based on our human talent.




Honesty Dedication Service Responsibility Quality





 We will be recognized as a serious and accomplished company that reaches the highest quality standards doing things right, the first time. 



Luxury Custom Built Homes

Why ~ 
Costa Rica

Escape ~ Tranquility ~ Beauty

Aptly named "The Rich Coast", Costa Rica has been a top travel destination for Canadians, Americans, & Europeans for decades. With 5% of the world's biodiversity, warm local 'Tico' culture and spectacular beaches, this small, but remarkable country has plenty to offer.

Here are the top 5 benefits of living in Costa Rica:


While many North American & European markets are experiencing record high housing prices in major metropolitan areas & low inventory, Costa Rica has ample supply at affordable prices.

There is literally a location & perfect house for anyone.

Whether your ideal home is nestled within the dense rainforest, overlooking a breathtaking ocean view, or a quiant, rustic farmhouse, this country has it all.


Famed for its stunning diversity of wildlife, flaura & fauna, Costa Rica will appeal to nature lovers everywhere.

While its land surface only covers 0.03% of the globe, Costa Rica contains 5% of the earth's biodiversity, including thousands of species of plants, birds, and butterflies.

In addition, more than 25% of the land is protected. These areas include islands, beaches, rainforests, dry & active volcanoes, hot springs, caves, river canyons & waterfalls.

Costa Rica is also committed to renewable energy and has gone a total of 150 days (and counting) without relying on fossil fuels. 

The country has been powered on a mix of hydro, geothermal, wind & solar energy.


Daily non-stop flights from around the world make it easy to get to either San Jose (the capital city) or Liberia by plane.

While the country stretches 19,652 square miles, flanked by both the Caribbean Sea and the Pacific Ocean, you can travel from coast to coast in just 3 hours by car.


Costa Rica is one of the most stable countries in Central America, with a democratic government, diverse global economy and the highest 98% literacy rate in Latin America.

The country also has not had a military since 1949, choosing instead to focus its resources on education & infrastructure.


There is no escaping the warm & friendly attitude of the Costa Rican people.

From the moment you step into this country, you will be welcomed with open arms.

Ticos & Ticas truly embody their favorite mantra, "PURA VIDA", which means pure life, taking the time to savor and enjoy what is really important in their lives.



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