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Teen girl brutally killed before photos of her body posted on social media, New York police sayThe brutal killing of 17-year-old Bianca Devins is drawing international attention after her alleged killer shared images of the slaying online.

7/15/2019 7:51:55 PM

A 31-year-old man died in the Dominican Republic, reportedly after drinking a soda that tasted offTracy Jerome Jester, 31, died on the island on March 17. The official cause of death was "respiratory illness."

7/15/2019 11:43:53 AM

U.N. concerned by U.S. curbs on Iranian foreign minister while in New YorkThe United Nations told the United States it is concerned by tight travel restrictions on Iranian Foreign Minister Mohammad Javad Zarif during his visit to New York this week, U.N. spokesman Farhan Haq said on Monday. Zarif arrived in New York on Sunday after U.S. Secretary of State Mike Pompeo signed off on the visit amid heightened tensions between the two countries.

7/15/2019 1:41:11 PM

'I've had enough': Tom Homan sounds off after being attacked by Democrats at border hearingFormer ICE Acting Director Tom Homan reacts on 'Fox & Friends' to fighting back against attacks by House Democrats on Capitol Hill.

7/15/2019 5:02:34 AM

Biden cancer nonprofit suspends operations indefinitelyA nonprofit foundation set up by Democratic presidential candidate Joe Biden that relied on health care world partnerships to speed a cure for cancer has suspended its operations, it announced Monday. The Biden Cancer Initiative's sudden move to cease its activities comes two years after it was founded in 2017 by the former vice president and his wife, Jill, as a philanthropic extension of Biden's stewardship of the White House Cancer Moonshot program. Biden, who on Monday was detailing his health care plan , headed the Obama administration effort to accelerate a cancer cure in tribute to his son Beau, who died of the disease in 2015.

7/15/2019 11:26:04 AM

Billionaire Tom Steyer's entrance into the 2020 Democratic race is the perfect example of the rot at the core of the US political systemTom Steyer's entered the 2020 presidential race with a promise to spend $100 million on his campaign, but he should use that money elsewhere.

7/14/2019 9:32:00 AM

Susan Rice Calls Chinese Diplomat a ‘Racist Disgrace’ on Twitter(Bloomberg) -- Sign up for Next China, a weekly email on where the nation stands now and where it's going next.Former U.S. National Security Advisor Susan Rice sparred with a senior Chinese diplomat on Twitter in an unusual and heated dispute over race in Washington.In a series of Tweets apparently aimed at making a broader point about diplomatic divisions over the mass detention of Muslims in China’s Xinjiang province, Lijian Zhao, a diplomat posted in Islamabad, said on Sunday that if “you’re in Washington, D.C., you know the white never go” to the southeastern part of the U.S. capital.“You are a racist disgrace. And shockingly ignorant too,” Rice told Zhao on Twitter. Likely assuming that Zhao was posted in China’s mission in Washington, she then addressed her next comment to China’s ambassador to the U.S., Cui Tiankai. “Ambassador Cui, I expect better of you and your team. Please do the right thing and send him home.”Zhao, who is deputy chief of mission at the Chinese embassy in Pakistan’s capital, is often vocal on Twitter against critics of China’s infrastructure-building projects in Pakistan and other parts of Asia. Beijing has invested tens of billions of dollars in Pakistan, whose leader Imran Khan has previously dodged questions about the issue.‘Shockingly Ignorant’“You are such a disgrace, too. And shockingly ignorant, too. I am based in Islamabad. Truth hurts. I am simply telling the truth,” Zhao fired back at Rice on Monday. “To label someone who speak the truth that you don’t want to hear a racist, is disgraceful & disgusting.”Read More: How China Is Defending Its Detention of Muslims to the WorldZhao didn’t immediately respond to phone calls, an email and a direct message on Twitter seeking comment.In a string of messages that appeared aimed at highlighting U.S. hypocrisy on human rights, Zhao referred to everything from income inequality and school shootings in the U.S. to immigration officers separating children from parents.He tweeted a list of mostly-Western nations that condemned China for its actions in Xinjiang as well as a separate list of other countries -- including Pakistan, Cuba, Tajikistan and Nigeria -- that wrote a joint letter to the United Nations supporting Beijing, which Zhao called “a big slap on the face of U.S. & its western cohorts.”Outspoken DiplomatsChina’s diplomats have become increasingly vocal and outspoken. This month, China’s ambassador to London, Liu Xiaoming, gave a rare televised statement accusing the British government of meddling in Hong Kong, the scene of mass protests against Beijing’s rule.Earlier this year, China’s envoy to Canada publicly accused his hosts of “white supremacy,” while the country’s chief envoy in South Africa said President Donald Trump’s policies were making the U.S. “the enemy of the whole world.”Asked about the Twitter dispute on Monday, China’s foreign ministry spokesman Geng Shuang didn’t comment directly.“I don’t know the specific situation,” he said. However, he added, “we resolutely oppose the interference of the U.S. and individual Western countries in interfering in China’s internal affairs with the Xinjiang issue.”To contact the reporters on this story: Iain Marlow in New Delhi at;Dandan Li in Beijing at dli395@bloomberg.netTo contact the editors responsible for this story: Brendan Scott at, Chris Kay, Gregory TurkFor more articles like this, please visit us at©2019 Bloomberg L.P.

7/15/2019 6:19:53 AM

A NASA Intern Bought Apollo 11 Videotapes for $218. Now They're Going to Auction for MillionsThey are 'the only surviving first-generation recordings of the historic moon walk'

7/15/2019 6:45:21 AM

Russia’s Election Hackers Are Back—and Targeting George SorosSean Gallup/GettyThe Russian intelligence agency behind 2016’s election attacks is training its sights on billionaire financier George Soros, The Daily Beast has learned. The move comes hot on the heels of a surge in U.S.-focused hacking by Russia’s Main Intelligence Directorate with similarities to 2016 in targeting and methodology. Laura Silber, chief communications officer for Soros’ Open Society Foundations, confirmed the hack attempt, but couldn’t provide additional details over the weekend. “We were aware of an attack,” Silber told the Daily Beast.Last month Microsoft quietly seized a new batch of 10 deceptive domain names the company says were set up by the hackers known as Fancy Bear,  the group intelligence officials and independent analysts have long attributed to Russia’s Main Intelligence Directorate, the GRU. Those web addresses imitate genuine domains used for Microsoft services like Sharepoint, an unmistakable sign that they were intended for use in phishing attacks, in which a victim is tricked into typing their password into a fake login page. Mueller Finally Solves Mysteries About Russia’s ‘Fancy Bear’ HackersOne domain targets a Singapore-based investment firm, and another references the Berlin anti-corruption organization Transparency International, which Russia has targeted before. Others are generic or ambiguous in their targeting.  But one seized domain, soros-my-sharepoint[.]com, jumps out as a clear reference to Soros, a past GRU target from Russia’s 2016 election interference.  An additional four phishing domains registered in the same time frame appear to target Soros’ Open Society Foundations, said Kyle Ehmke, an intelligence researcher at the Arlington, Virginia-based cybersecurity firm ThreatConnect.  Those domains haven’t been seized and ThreatConnect hasn’t found enough evidence to definitively link them to the Russian hackers, said Ehmke. The Kremlin’s targeting of Soros and his organization carries echoes of 2016, when the GRU dumped 2,500 files stolen from the Open Society Foundations for the debut of “DC Leaks”, the fake leak site the spies created for their 2016 election interference campaign. “SOROS INTERNAL FILES – BIG DATA”, the site announced at the time.Some of the stolen files were reportedly altered to create the appearance that Soros was secretly financing Russian opposition candidates, making the leak politically useful to Vladmir Putin. More importantly, the Soros dump earned DC Leaks instant credibility in American right-wing circles, where the 88-year-old Hungarian-American philanthropist plays the role of villainous global puppet-master in countless conspiracy theories. Russia’s Internet Research Agency—the so-called “troll farm, later indicted by Special Counsel Robert Mueller—pushed the same trope on its Facebook and Instagram feeds in the run-up to election day. One meme featured a close-up of Soros against a backdrop of anti-Trump picketers. “No lives matter for those who sponsoring [sic] anti Trump protests,” the caption read. Another imagined Soros confronting the late Senator John McCain. “Hey Johnny, I’m paying you a fortune. I don’t care how much cancer you have, get back to DC and backstab Trump.”The Soros targeting comes in the wave of what one expert describes as a fresh wave of Fancy Bear attempts against political nonprofits in the U.S. that ran from last December to March or April of this year, using similar tactics to the mass phishing campaign that famously ensnared Hillary Clinton’s campaign chief in 2016. “It’s a similar type of activity to what hit Podesta,” said Robert Johnston, the former Marine Corp captain who investigated the 2016 DNC breach, and now heads the financial cybersecurity firm Adlumin. “These were against political organizations and NGOs. The FBI has reached out to of bunch of them.”Putin’s Hackers Now Under Attack—From MicrosoftIn 2016 Microsoft sued Fancy Bear in federal court in Virginia and won, unopposed, an injunction allowing the company to seize any web addresses registered by the GRU’s hackers that imitate a Microsoft product or service.  The company has seized over 100 domains so far.Experts caution that Russia’s hackers have always cast a wide net, and there’s no way to tell what their motives are in revisiting old haunts now. It may be pure intelligence gathering, or the opening salvo of a 2020 election interference campaign.“We don't know whether they are ultimately looking to compromise targets for influence operations, internal intelligence uses, or both,” said Ehmke.Either way, Russia likely views its 2016 efforts as a success, and is certain to try for an encore. “I think you should absolutely anticipate a very vocal Russian interference in the 2020 elections,” said Johnston.Read more at The Daily Beast.Got a tip? Send it to The Daily Beast hereGet our top stories in your inbox every day. Sign up now!Daily Beast Membership: Beast Inside goes deeper on the stories that matter to you. Learn more.

7/15/2019 3:21:08 AM

Police officer who killed Ethiopian-Israeli released on bailA police officer who shot dead a 19-year-old Ethiopian-Israeli, sparking nationwide protests, was freed on bail from house arrest on Monday, Israel's justice ministry said. The officer, who was off-duty and said he felt his life was in danger at the time of the June 30 shooting, will be subject to a series of restrictions while the investigation continues. The bail amount was not made public by the ministry following the closed-door court hearing over the shooting of Solomon Teka in Kiryat Haim near the northern port city of Haifa.

7/15/2019 8:03:15 AM

Bones found after tombs exhumed in hunt for girl who went missing in Vatican City 30 years agoThirty years after the disappearance of the 15-year old daughter of a Vatican City employee, a case that has mystified Rome for decades, the Vatican has announced that two sets of bones have been found under a stone manhole cover in one of its cemeteries.   A request from the family of the missing girl, Emanuela Orlandi, prompted the Vatican to open the tombs of two 19th-century German princesses in the cemetery of the Pontifical Teutonic College on Thursday this week. The family had received an anonymous tip that Orlandi's remains might be buried in that area of the cemetery.  However, after two hours of work, the team found the graves completely empty - containing neither the expected remains of the princesses or any clues to the more modern mystery.   Following the fruitless exhumation, Vatican police decided to hold new searches in the area of the cemetery where the remains of Princess Sophie von Hohenlohe, who died in 1836, and Princess Carlotta Federica of Mecklenburg, who died in 1840, should have been.  Vatican authorities said their bones could have been moved over the years due to structural works at the cemetery in the 1960s and 1970s. Vatican spokesman Alessandro Gisotti said Saturday the searches had centered on the area adjacent to the princesses' tombs, inside the Pontifical Teutonic College. There investigators identified two ossuaries – or set of bones – located under the pavement of an area covered by a manhole.  Mr Gisotti added the area was immediately sealed off and the ossuaries will be opened in the presence of forensic experts on July 20 for further investigations.  The two set of bones could belong to the two princesses, but could also bring the search for Orlandi a step forward.  The daughter of a Vatican bank employee, Orlandi disappeared in June 1983 after leaving her family's Vatican City apartment for a music lesson in Rome. Over the years,there have been many rumours, some wilder than others, about what happened to her – including conspiracies tied to the Mafia, the Vatican bank scandal and the plot to assassinate Pope John Paul II. The new inspections were a result of the ongoing efforts of the Orlandi family to find the truth about the disappearance of their relative. The Vatican gave the green light to the exhumations after the family received an anonymous note last summer, hinting that the girl's remains might be in one of the two graves located in the Vatican's Teutonic Cemetery.  According to the letter, Orlandi’s body should have been found in the tomb that an angel holding a sheet saying: “Rest in peace” points to from its location on the cemetery wall.

7/14/2019 7:23:29 AM

Report: A $15 Minimum Wage Would Be an Economic DisasterJust in time for next week’s likely House vote on a federal $15 minimum wage, the nonpartisan Congressional Budget Office has come out with a caustic report on the consequences of the policy.The report confirms what even liberal economists caution: A $15 minimum wage would “risk undesirable and unintended consequences” and lead to a survival-of-the-fittest labor market, where only the highest-skilled workers come out on top.  Democrats are under the illusion that the government can force employers to artificially increase wages with no adverse consequences for American workers. But that’s like saying the government could double families’ mortgage and rent payments without any consequence.Here are six ways this new report exposes the minimum wage proposal as bad policy.1\. It would be a job-killer.The Congressional Budget Office report estimated that a $15 minimum wage would lead to 1.3 million lost jobs by the year 2025, with job losses rising over time due to compounding negative impacts.The exact number of job losses are highly uncertain, but the report says losses would most likely range between zero and 3.7 million, with a not-insignificant chance that losses could exceed 3.7 million.A 2011 Heritage Foundation estimate was even bleaker. It estimated a $15 minimum wage would lead to 7 million lost jobs.

7/14/2019 5:01:58 PM

The Latest: California home gas blast kills 1, injures 15Authorities say everyone has been accounted for after a natural gas explosion that blew apart a Southern California home and killed a gas company worker. Authorities say a contractor who hadn't called Southern California Gas to determine where gas lines were buried struck and damaged a line.

7/15/2019 8:27:02 PM

Mark Zuckerberg actually got $1 billion richer following the news of Facebook's $5 billion fine for the biggest scandal in the company's history (FB)Facebook faces a $5 billion fine from the Federal Trade Commission. The stock's pop after the news increased the value of Mark Zuckerberg's shares.

7/15/2019 10:05:32 AM

Trump Aide Kellyanne Conway Skips House Hearing Despite Subpoena(Bloomberg) -- White House counselor Kellyanne Conway won’t appear at a House hearing Monday on whether she violated a law prohibiting administration officials from engaging in political work while on the public payroll.President Donald Trump directed her to skip the hearing “in order to protect the prerogatives of the Office of the President,” White House Counsel Pat Cipollone said in a letter to House Oversight and Government Reform Chairman Elijah Cummings.The Department of Justice, he wrote, “has advised me that Ms. Conway is absolutely immune from compelled congressional testimony with respect to matters related to her service as a senior adviser to the president,” Cipollone wrote.Cummings said at the hearing, which proceeded without Conway, that he would hold a vote on July 25 to hold her in contempt of Congress.She was the only witness listed for a scheduled hearing of Cummings’ panel titled “Violations of the Hatch Act Under the Trump Administration.” The Democratic-controlled committee voted last month to subpoena her after she previously refused to testify.The government’s independent Office of Special Counsel said in June that Conway had repeatedly violated the law and should be fired. Conway and the White House have criticized the OSC for its finding, calling it a violation of Conway’s First Amendment rights, and Trump has said he won’t dismiss her.The OSC has said she broke the law by “engaging in both official and political activity on her Twitter account, @kellyannePolls” and by attacking Democratic presidential candidates in media interviews.Conway has “ignored OSC’s requests” to come into compliance with the Hatch Act and has declined to respond to the office’s reports, it said.“If Ms. Conway were any other federal employee, her multiple violations of the law would almost certainly result in removal from her federal position,” the office said in a June 13 letter to Trump.The oversight panel’s top Republican, Jim Jordan of Ohio, called the allegations “ridiculous.” He said that federal employees can’t come to work and hand out election fliers or raise money for campaigns, “but a senior adviser to the president of the United States can sure as heck go on cable news shows and answer questions.”\--With assistance from Jennifer Jacobs.To contact the reporters on this story: Billy House in Washington at;Josh Wingrove in Washington at;Jarrell Dillard in Washington at jdillard11@bloomberg.netTo contact the editors responsible for this story: Alex Wayne at, Joe SobczykFor more articles like this, please visit us at©2019 Bloomberg L.P.

7/15/2019 2:35:49 PM

South Korea calls Japan reports of North Korea sanctions breach 'grave challenge'South Korean President Moon Jae-in said on Monday Japan's reported accusations that South Korea had exported banned goods to North Korea posed a "grave challenge" amid a growing dispute over Japanese export curbs. Japan has tightened restrictions on the export of three materials used in high-tech equipment, citing "inadequate management" of sensitive items exported to South Korea. Japanese officials have cited "inadequate management" of sensitive items exported to South Korea as a reason behind the curbs, as well as lack of information sharing on export controls.

7/15/2019 12:58:28 AM

Northern California town of Paradise lost 90% of its population after Camp Fire, data showsThe town of Paradise has lost over 90% of its population since the Camp Fire last year, according to data California released Thursday.

7/14/2019 10:55:54 AM

Air Force Major Charged With Murder After Missing Wife’s Remains FoundBexar County Sheriff’s OfficeA San Antonio Air Force Reserve major who reported his wife missing in March has been arrested and charged with murder, authorities said. Andre McDonald, 40, was charged with first-degree murder Sunday in the death of his wife, 29-year-old Andreen McDonald, on March 1. After three months of countless countywide searches, authorities found the businesswoman’s body on a ranch east of Joint Base San Antonio-Camp Bullis.McDonald is being held at Bexar County Jail on a $2 million bond, police confirmed to The Daily Beast. “Any ounce of understanding that we had for Andy is gone,” her cousin, Cheryl Spencer, told KSAT during a Sunday vigil. “You do not have the right to do this to any human being. Andreen was far from perfect. She had her flaws, but you do not have the right to do this to anybody’s child.”Did Missing Texas Woman Andreen McDonald’s 6-Year-Old Autistic Daughter Witness Her Murder?While many details of the March murder remain unknown, authorities believe the couple’s 7-year-old daughter, who is autistic and nonverbal, may have seen the crime and subsequent cleanup. “At this point, I don’t know how much the little girl knows,” Bexar County Sheriff Javier Salazar said during a press conference Saturday. “I’m still of the belief that the little girl witnessed at least some things with the death of her mom.”Authorities say Andreen McDonald, the owner of Starlight Homes Assisted Living, was last seen with her daughter around 6:20 p.m. on February 28. According to an arrest warrant obtained by The Daily Beast, phone records indicate both McDonald and his wife were home the entire evening.The next day, deputies went to the couple’s home to conduct a welfare check after the 29-year-old’s mother and several friends said they had not heard from her since the previous evening. According to the arrest warrant, two of Andreen McDonald’s friends told authorities that before her disappearance she had said that “if she ever went missing or was found dead, Andre had killed her.” A Bexar County Sheriff spokesperson confirmed officers had been called to their home “numerous times” for domestic disturbances. According to public records, McDonald filed for divorce in February 2017 but later dismissed the petition. In their backyard, deputies “noticed a burn pile,” where “it appeared something had recently been burned.” All of Andreen McDonald’s personal belongings were still in the house and her car was parked in the driveway.Cops: NYPD Officer Ordered Hit on Estranged Husband, Boyfriend’s KidWhen McDonald arrived home, he told deputies his wife was being treated at a local hospital. Police quickly suspected he was lying.He “claimed he did not know where Andreen McDonald was,” the warrant states, but “revealed he had an argument with his wife the night before and asked for an attorney.”Authorities also found blood and hair on the bathroom’s light switch, floor, and door handle—though initial DNA tests could not determine if the samples belonged to Andreen McDonald.Andre McDonald was first charged on March 3 with tampering with evidence after investigators discovered that he had purchased cans of gasoline, heavy duty trash bags, work gloves, a portable burn barrel, a shovel, and an ax around the time he reported his wife missing. The Air Force officer then tried to destroy the receipt and throw them away in the kitchen trash can, authorities allege.“He went to great lengths to destroy that receipt. We were able to recover it but that’s what led to the tampering with evidence charge,” Salazar said. “So, I think a lot of his behavior up to this point, along with some of the evidence that I won’t go too much into detail on, are what led to this charge.”According to the arrest warrant, McDonald had “cuts and injuries” on his hands when he was arrested and gave conflicting accounts about how the wounds occurred.Inside another trash can, the warrant states, investigators found a blood-stained hammer and a man’s sweater and jeans, which had the couple’s blood on it. The daughter, who has not been publicly named, suggested to one family friend that her mother had been burned, according to court documents, and made comments about “Andre hurting Mommy.” In one attempt to explain what she saw, the daughter took a doll, put it in a circle over rocks, and covered it with sticks before asking for “the fire.” Wife Kills Husband, Admits It in a Bar BathroomSince his initial arrest, McDonald “has not once asked” about the ongoing search for his wife and has never tried to assist in the investigation, the warrant said. On July 11, a friend of the ranch’s owner discovered Andreen McDonald’s body while removing two cow skulls on the 50-acre property. According to the warrant, when authorities arrived they “noticed the human remains appeared to have been covered with wood and bones from a nearby deceased cow and set on fire.” Melted plastic or synthetic material was also found among the remains. The Medical Examiner’s Office confirmed the remains belonged to Andreen McDonald on Friday night using her dental records. The next day, McDonald was arrested at home and appeared “quiet” and “fully cooperative,” Salazar said on Saturday.“I actually enjoyed him being arrested,” Andreen McDonald's cousin Cheryl Spencer said. “That was nice. I like that little public shaming.”A Bexar County Sheriff spokesperson declined to provide a motive on Monday, but added that there is “substantial” evidence to prove McDonald killed his wife and disposed of her body. “The next step is to prepare this case to go to trial with the DA’s office,” the spokesperson said. “Our department is dedicated to getting justice for Andreen and her family.”McDonald’s attorney, John Convery, declined The Daily Beast’s request for comment. Andreen McDonald’s immediate family did not respond to multiple attempts for comment. Read more at The Daily Beast.Got a tip? Send it to The Daily Beast hereGet our top stories in your inbox every day. Sign up now!Daily Beast Membership: Beast Inside goes deeper on the stories that matter to you. Learn more.

7/15/2019 12:14:34 PM

EU agrees measures against Turkey for Cyprus drillingThe European Union on Monday agreed measures to punish Turkey for pursuing drilling operations off Cyprus despite repeated warnings. The EU will halt high-level dialogue with Turkey, suspend talks over an aviation agreement and cut 145.8 million euros ($164 million) in pre-accession financial funds allocated for 2020. Foreign ministers from the bloc also told the European Commission, the bloc's executive, to keep working on possible financial sanctions targeting those involved in the drilling operations.

7/15/2019 6:04:39 PM

Boy slips through Heathrow security to board British Airways flight to Los AngelesPolice at Heathrow Airport are investigating how a 12-year-old boy slipped through security and managed to board a British Airways flight to Los Angeles without a ticket or boarding pass. The unaccompanied child, who had no travel documents, mingled with passengers getting on the flight and was only spotted when cabin crew asked to see his boarding pass in order to direct him to his seat. The mystery youngster, who is thought to be Dutch, was not travelling with his parents, and refused to cooperate with cabin crew when he was challenged. Fellow passengers said he refused to leave the aircraft and was eventually removed by police officers who boarded to assist aircrew. As a result of the security lapse, the aircraft had to be cleared and all the passengers were forced to undergo a second security check, delaying the flight by more than four hours. The mystery youngster, who is thought to be Dutch, was not travelling with his parents, and refused to cooperate with cabin crew when he was challenged Credit: AP Photo/Alastair Grant Detectives were working to establish where the boy was originally from and how he had managed to pass through strict security cordons, without being spotted. One theory is that he was a transit passenger who had arrived at Heathrow with a ticket to an onward destination, but had then attempted to see if he how far he could get with our being challenged as part of an elaborate dare. The lapse also raises concerns over the effectiveness of security checks at Britain’s busiest airport, although a spokesman for British Airways insisted the boy had been through the same controls as all other passengers. The spokesman said: “We have apologised to our customers for the delay to their flight after an issue during boarding.   “The safety and security of our customers and crew is always our top priority and everyone who had boarded the aircraft had been subject to security checks.  “We conducted additional precautionary screening as soon as this issue came to light and we are assisting the police with their enquiries.” Rachel Richardson, who was heading to Los Angeles on a business trip, described chaotic scenes as airline staff tried to deal with the situation. She said: “The boy would not speak to the cabin crew and they were asking if anybody spoke Dutch. He would not help them understand where his bags were so the whole aircraft had to be cleared which meant we were almost more than four hours delayed taking off. It was very frustrating.” A spokesman for Scotland Yard said: “A 12-year-old boy boarded a BA flight from Heathrow to Los Angeles at around 17:15hrs on 14 July.   “He was identified by cabin crew during pre-flight check. He did not have a ticket or any travel documents.   "The boy was an unaccompanied minor. He is not a UK national. As a security precaution, passenger de-planed following a discussion between police and the captain.   “The child is believed to have arrived at Heathrow as a transit passenger.” A Heathrow spokesperson said: “We are working with our police colleagues and British Airways to understand how an unauthorised passenger boarded the incorrect aircraft. The individual did not represent a security risk and, purely as a precaution, the aircraft in question was re-screened and has since departed. We apologise for the disruption and will continue working closely with the authorities and our airline partners to keep the airport safe.”

7/14/2019 4:09:22 PM

Man 'shot polar bear and left its body outside his home for five months'A man has been charged with killing a polar bear and leaving the body to rot outside his home in Alaska for five months.Christopher Gordon, 35, allegedly shot the animal dead when it ventured into his front yard to try and eat some butchered whale meat.He then failed to report the polar bear carcass or attempt to “harvest” it for food between December 2018 and May this year.Gordon also allowed the bear to be covered with snow, which resulted in one of its legs being ripped off by a passing snowplough.Finally, on 22 May, he burned the carcass at the village dump in Kaktovik.He is now facing up to one year in prison and a $100,000 (£80,000) fine if convicted of the federal crime of “knowingly taking a polar bear in a manner unlawful under the Marine Mammal Protection Act”.Prosecutors say that the killing of the bear was not done in legal self defence and that he “left the harvestable remains to waste”.“Gordon allegedly left butchered whale meat outside in front of his yard of his residence for a substantial period of time, which attracted polar bear, as well as other animals to his front yard,” said federal prosecutor Ryan Tansey.“He then allegedly shot and killed the polar bear because it was trying to eat the improperly stored whale meat.”Gordon has also been charged with the state offence of wasteful taking of a marine animal.The investigation was carried out by the US Fish and Wildlife Service.Gordon declined to comment about the case and is scheduled to appear in court in Fairbanks in August.Kaktovik, with a population of just over 250, has experienced increasing encroachment by polar bears in recent years due to the disappearing Arctic sea ice.As a result it has become a popular tourist destination, with more than 2,000 people visiting the village during 2017.“These bears are getting used to people,” said council member Mike Gallagher. ”They’re domesticated.”Additional reporting by Associated Press

7/15/2019 4:29:39 AM

Recent developments surrounding the South China SeaA look at recent developments in the South China Sea, where China is pitted against smaller neighbors in multiple disputes over islands, coral reefs and lagoons. EDITOR'S NOTE: This is a weekly look at developments in the South China Sea, the location of several territorial conflicts in the region. Justice Antonio Carpio added that Duterte's recent statement that he had a verbal agreement with Chinese President Xi Jinping that effectively allows Chinese to fish in the Philippines' exclusive economic zone will "substantially diminish the arbitral award, a self-inflicted blow to our sovereign rights" in the South China Sea.

7/15/2019 1:04:03 AM

Boeing slips on report the troubled 737 Max could remain grounded into 2020Airlines have said they'll add the 737 Max back to schedules in November, but now it seems the plane won't return to the skies until 2020.

7/15/2019 7:48:09 AM

Trump Administration Implements ‘Third Country’ Rule to Alleviate Border CrisisThe Trump administration on Monday announced a new “safe third country” policy that will drastically reduce the number of Central American migrants eligible to receive asylum in the U.S.The new policy, which will take effect when it is published in the Federal Register Tuesday, requires that migrants first apply for refugee status in Mexico, or whatever country they enter after leaving home, before seeking asylum in the U.S. Under the policy, only those migrants who have been denied asylum in another country will be eligible to seek asylum in the U.S.“Ultimately, today's action will reduce the overwhelming burdens on our domestic system caused by asylum-seekers failing to seek urgent protection in the first available country, economic migrants lacking a legitimate fear of persecution, and the transnational criminal organizations, traffickers, and smugglers exploiting our system for profits,” Acting Secretary of Homeland Security Kevin McAleenan said in a statement.The rule change, which is sure to be met with numerous legal challenges, is designed to discourage economic migrants from applying for asylum and includes exceptions for victims of human trafficking and other crimes.Attorney General Bill Barr said the move would stop “forum shopping by economic migrants and those who seek to exploit our asylum system to obtain entry to the United States—while ensuring that no one is removed from the United States who is more likely than not to be tortured or persecuted on account of a protected ground.”The policy shift builds on the previously implemented Migrant Protection Protocols, which required that certain asylum-seekers remain in Mexico while their cases are being adjudicated.Federal law allows anyone who enters the U.S. to apply for asylum but includes an exception for those who first travel through a "safe third country."Currently, the U.S. only has a "safe third country" agreement with Canada and administration officials have thus far been rebuffed in their efforts to secure a similar arrangement with Mexico. Central American countries, including Guatemala and El Salvador, are considering adopting a regional compact to strike a similar deal with the U.S., but there is a legal challenge pending in Guatemala that is now preventing the finalization of any such deal.

7/15/2019 9:32:07 AM