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As fires ravage California, Trump gives his climate-change solution: 'It'll start getting cooler'California Gov. Gavin Newsom unsuccessfully pressed President Trump on Monday to acknowledge that climate change is making wildfires worse across much of the West Coast.

9/14/2020 3:31:10 PM

Breonna Taylor's mother reaches $12M settlement, police reform agreement with LouisvilleThe family of Breonna Taylor, a Black woman who was shot and killed by police in her Louisville, Ky., apartment earlier this year, has settled a wrongful death lawsuit against the city for $12 million that includes an agreement to implement a number of police reforms.

9/15/2020 3:09:50 PM

Armed gangs ‘protecting property’ in wildfire evacuation zones are confronting people at gunpoint, Oregon police say‘The last thing I want to see is something tragically happen because somebody is overreacting’

9/15/2020 1:01:13 PM

'Hi, this is Navalny': Poisoned Putin critic posts photo from hospital as his aide says he plans to return to Russia"I still can hardly do anything, but yesterday I was able to breathe on my own for the whole day," wrote Alexei Navalny, a prominent Putin opponent.

9/15/2020 11:10:13 AM

In U.S. elections, it's winner take all — and Blacks are the losersWhy not just let the American people choose our president directly, instead of relying on some clumsy work-around to the Constitution known as the Electoral College?  

9/14/2020 2:47:57 PM

Teen hunter run over by corn chopper after falling asleep in field, Michigan cops sayThe teen had been dropped off to hunt earlier in the day, police say.

9/14/2020 8:15:06 AM

Birds are dropping dead in New Mexico, potentially in the 'hundreds of thousands'Scientists are investigating why so many birds are dying and are asking the public for help.

9/15/2020 9:37:35 AM

Three BLM protesters charged following confrontation with Pittsburgh dinersVideos of demonstrators shouting at customers previously surfaced online

9/15/2020 5:04:10 PM

White House blocks Navarro from testifying to House panel about ventilator dealMichael Purpura, deputy counsel to President Donald Trump, wrote to Krishnamoorthi on Sept. 9 that the White House would not make Navarro available.

9/14/2020 6:15:23 PM

Poll: Number of Americans willing to get COVID-19 vaccine falls to new low amid fears Trump is putting politics before safetyThe latest Yahoo News/YouGov poll reveals that less than a third of Americans (32 percent) say they plan to get vaccinated, a stunning 23-point decline that reflects rising concern about the politicization of the vaccine process.

9/14/2020 3:37:27 PM

An 88-year-old Black man killed by officers in California was a former employee of the same police departmentRobert Coleman, a resident of West Sacramento, worked for the police department for nearly a decade, authorities said.

9/15/2020 6:24:54 PM

13 photos that show how bad Oregon wildfires and air quality really areIn Oregon, more than 1 million acres are burning, and wildfires have wiped out two small towns near the California border.

9/15/2020 10:39:54 AM

Theme park worker falls to death from world's tallest swing rideIncident took place at ICON Park, on Orlando’s International Drive, amid routine checks

9/15/2020 4:19:41 AM

Catholic Group Launches $9.7 Million Anti-Biden Campaign in Battleground StatesA Catholic group is launching a multi-million dollar effort to educate Catholic voters in key battleground states about Democratic presidential nominee Joe Biden's "anti-Catholic record and policy agenda" ahead of the general election in November.CatholicVote, a national Catholic political advocacy group, on Tuesday announced the $9.7 million campaign to discourage Catholics from voting for Biden. The organization is producing an "in-depth report on Biden's record on issues Catholics care about," including a shortened "voter guide" version, that it plans to send to five million Catholic voters. The effort will also kick off with a $350,000 digital ad buy in the swing states of Pennsylvania and Michigan.The group's new effort, which involves full-time staff in six states and thousands of volunteers, will reach voters through digital advertising, parish-by-parish canvassing, direct mail, and "get out the vote" efforts in six states.“Joe Biden’s record makes clear he will not protect our Catholic values or defend our way of life. For Catholics who cherish the Faith and their freedom to live it, a Biden presidency represents an existential threat,” said Brian Burch, president of CatholicVote.“Catholics are less focused on Joe Biden’s claims about his personal faith, and instead on what his policies would do to the culture, and their freedom to live out their own beliefs,” Burch added.Biden, who frequently touts his Catholic faith on the campaign trail, invoked Pope St. John Paul II during a campaign speech in Pittsburgh late last month as he encouraged voters to remain hopeful about the country's future.“The campaign for the presidency has come down to fear,” Biden said. “But I believe Americans are stronger than that. I believe we’ll be guided by the words of Pope John Paul II, words drawn from the scriptures: 'Be not afraid. Be not afraid.'”“Fear never builds the future,” the former vice president continued. “Hope does. And building the future is what America does.”Despite Biden's willingness to talk about his Catholic faith as he campaigns for president, he remains staunchly in favor of legal abortion, in direct opposition to the teachings of the Catholic Church, which prohibits abortion.Biden's presidential platform includes working to codify Roe vs. Wade, the landmark 1973 Supreme Court case that legalized abortion nationwide, as well as making sure his Justice Department does "everything in its power to stop the rash of state laws that so blatantly violate" the case. Biden also supports repealing the Hyde Amendment, which prohibits federal funds from paying for abortions.CatholicVote's first ad for its anti-Biden campaign emphasizes Biden's pro-abortion stance and invites Catholic voters to learn more about the Democratic presidential candidate's record on abortion and support for it.

9/15/2020 1:39:21 PM

Photos of coronavirus attacking lung cells show how ‘intense’ infections can get“These images make a strong case for the use of masks by infected and uninfected individuals.”

9/15/2020 2:23:09 PM

Damage reported as 'Paulette' makes rare landfall in BermudaHurricane Paulette knocked down trees and power lines across Bermuda on Monday as it made a rare landfall in the wealthy British territory and strengthened into a Category 2 storm while still over the island. Government officials said in a press conference that there were no reports of deaths, injuries or serious property damage and noted that two boys were born at the height of the storm. Fewer than 10 hurricanes have made direct landfall on the tiny island in the middle of the Atlantic since the National Hurricane Center began tracking such disasters in the 1850s.

9/14/2020 5:11:43 AM

Pelosi: House will stay in session until COVID-19 rescue billHouse Speaker Nancy Pelosi said on Tuesday that the House will remain in session until lawmakers deliver another round of COVID-19 relief.

9/15/2020 1:26:32 PM

CDC: Almost all of the US kids and teens who've died from COVID-19 were Hispanic or BlackRoughly 0.03% of coronavirus cases in kids and teens under 21 have been fatal so far in the US. Overwhelmingly, the deaths have been people of color.

9/15/2020 4:42:00 PM

Scrutiny of Postmaster General Louis DeJoy intensifiesScrutiny of Postmaster General Louis DeJoy intensified on Monday amid new reports alleging improper business dealings and persistent charges that the longtime Republican donor is subverting postal operations in order to make mail-in voting difficult in November’s presidential election. 

9/14/2020 6:01:12 PM

Dong Tam case: Two sentenced to death in Vietnam over police killingsThree policemen and one resident died in clashes over a land dispute that caused a public outcry.

9/14/2020 8:08:11 AM

Perfectly preserved Ice Age cave bear discovered in Arctic RussiaReindeer herders in a Russian Arctic archipelago have found the immaculately preserved carcass of an Ice Age cave bear, researchers said Monday.

9/14/2020 2:36:58 PM

Hundreds turned out for anti-mask protest in Utah, which is being mocked as 'a straight parody' on social mediaThe demonstration gained national attention after a news report from Salt Lake City TV station KTVX-TV was shared on Twitter and TikTok this week.

9/15/2020 1:05:53 PM

Russian loan won't keep Lukashenko afloat for longA $1.5 billion loan from Russia will shore up Belarusian President Alexander Lukashenko for the time being as he tries to face down mass protests, but not for long. Lukashenko, whose security forces have arrested thousands of opposition supporters demanding his resignation, secured the financial lifeline from Russian President Vladimir Putin at a Black Sea summit on Monday. According to Artyom Shraibman, a political analyst at the Carnegie Moscow Center, only a fraction of the funds will actually make it to Minsk, given it needs to refinance another $1 billion in loans, including from Russia, and pay $300 million of debt to Russian energy giant Gazprom by the end of the year.

9/15/2020 10:46:40 AM

US Space Force confirms Space Based Infrared System detected missile attack in JanuaryChief of Space Operations Gen. John "Jay" Raymond has confirmed suspicions that the Space Based Infrared System was used to detect more than a dozen missiles launched at U.S. and coalition forces in Iraq back in January.

9/15/2020 8:43:52 AM

A shocking image from space shows a record 5 tropical cyclones in the Atlantic basin at the same timeThe satellite image also shows smoke swirling across the US from wildfires in California, Oregon, and Washington.

9/15/2020 2:38:00 PM