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Trump Scorched Over Tweet Bashing Obama For Burning Through 'Chief Of Staffs'Twitter followers piled on President Donald Trump after unearthing his 2012

12/8/2018 9:57:34 PM

Photos of the week: 11/30 - 12/7Funeral services were held this week for former President George H.W. Bush.

12/7/2018 4:00:00 PM

PHOTOS: 4th consecutive Saturday of anti-government protests in ParisAnti-government protesters faced off with French riot police in Paris on Saturday, hurling projectiles, torching cars and vandalizing shops and restaurants in a fourth weekend of unrest that has shaken President Emmanuel Macron’s authority.

12/8/2018 2:31:52 PM

James Alex Fields Jr. Found Guilty In Murder Of Heather Heyer In Charlottesville Car AttackNeo-Nazi James Alex Fields Jr. was found guilty on 10 charges including first-

12/7/2018 4:15:12 PM

Some Twitter Users Are Showing Support for Michael Flynn by Changing Their HandlesSome of his supporters on Twitter are calling Flynn a "hero" who should be cleared

12/8/2018 10:10:35 AM

Heavy rains cause mudslides in areas in CA still recovering from wildfiresState of emergency declared after rain jammed traffic and loosened hillsides that have been affected by wildfires last month.

12/7/2018 11:29:27 AM

PHOTOS: Haunting images of abandoned places across Northern IrelandThese haunting images capture abandoned homes across Northern Ireland — complete with old prams, unopened food tins, toys and dusty wedding photographs.

12/8/2018 12:31:46 PM

More Evidence Of Illegal Activity Emerges In North Carolina Congressional RaceST. PAULS, N.C. -- The day after their absentee ballot arrived in the mail in

12/7/2018 8:27:07 PM

Guy responds to his own wanted mugshot on Facebook and hilarious romance ensuesA Facebook post led to an unexpectedly hilarious exchange between the Richland Police Department and a wanted criminal who was taking his sweet time. For its weekly "Wanted Wednesday," the Washington police department posted a mugshot of 38-year-old Anthony Akers, who allegedly violated his probation. When he didn't show up, the Richland Police Department tried reaching out again.

12/7/2018 2:14:42 PM

Mueller accuses Paul Manafort of lying about his contact with Trump administration officialsProsecutors with Robert Mueller’s special counsel investigation revealed in a court filing on Friday evening that Paul Manafort lied to them about several contacts he had with senior Trump administration officials while he was under indictment.

12/7/2018 8:04:00 PM

Plundered 'Gypsy Girl' mosaics back in Turkey after decades in U.SMissing fragments from one of Turkey's most striking ancient treasures, the haunting, wide-eyed "Gypsy Girl" mosaic, have returned home more than half a century after they were plundered and smuggled to the United States. On Saturday, the returned pieces went on display alongside the nearly 2,000-year-old mosaic of the girl, whose piercing gaze and dishevelled hair have become a symbol of Turkey's southeastern city of Gaziantep. Turkish archaeologists discovered the mosaic 20 years ago during an excavation of the old city of Zeugma, founded by one of Alexander the Great's generals, near the modern city of Gaziantep.

12/8/2018 8:22:58 AM

You can get All-Clad cookware at amazing prices this weekendAll-Clad's 48-hour VIP sale is on this weekend--get your gifts while you can

12/7/2018 2:19:05 PM

French Police Fire Tear Gas As Yellow-Vested Protesters Swarm ParisPARIS (AP) -- French riot police fired tear gas and water cannon in Paris on

12/8/2018 5:56:05 AM

77th anniversary of the Pearl Harbor attack77 years ago today on the morning of Dec. 7,  1941, a Sunday, Japanese bombers flew across Oahu, Hawaii, and began their assault.

12/7/2018 12:15:16 PM

In darkness and chaos, deputy killed by friendly fireTHOUSAND OAKS, Calif. (AP) — As terrified people scrambled out of broken windows, screaming and bleeding and fleeing a mass shooting inside a California bar, Sgt. Ron Helus and a highway patrolman decided to try to stop the gunman, running in together with assault-style rifles to what turned out to be an ambush.

12/7/2018 5:26:39 PM

Chrissy Teigen Sets Off Twitter Uproar Over Gummy BearsChrissy Teigen had Twitter users in turmoil Friday when she boldly said that

12/8/2018 1:33:51 AM

Instant Pots are somehow down to $45 today on AmazonThe hottest gift of the holiday season just got even hotter as one of the best-selling Instant Pot cookers on the planet drops down to its lowest price ever. The DUO60 and DUO80 have both been on sale off and on since Black Friday. In fact, the more popular Instant Pot DUO60 model is still on sale right now at a healthy $30 discount. But today our attention turns to the Instant Pot Duo Mini 3 Qt 7-in-1 Multi- Use Programmable Pressure Cooker. Perfect for sides or for entrees for families of two or three people, this model does everything the larger versions can do but it's more compact. It's also somehow on sale today for just $44.96, and there's no way this deal is going to last very long. Here are some highlights from the product page: * All the features of the Instant Pot duo, the bestselling electric pressure cooker in North America now available in a 3 Qt compact format * The perfect companion to your existing Instant Pot, use it for side dishes, vegetables or other accompaniments such as rice * Generous capacity, great for smaller families or where space is at a premium. In a dorm, RV or boat? the Instant Pot duo mini Emits no steam, heat or cooking smells * Features fully automatic pressure cook programs, 3 slow cook heat settings, saute, rice cooking, steamer, yogurt making, delay start and auto keep Warm * 700W power to enable it to reach pressure quickly. All Stainless Steel internal components including lid and inner cooking pot. Lid and cooking pot dishwasher safe * Power supply: 120V - 60Hz * Included Components: Electric Pressure Cooker

12/9/2018 7:27:09 AM

China summons Canada envoy over detained Huawei exec: state mediaChina on Saturday summoned the Canadian ambassador over the "unconscionable and vile" detention of telecom giant Huawei's chief financial officer in Vancouver, state media reported, in Beijing's latest angry response to the hot-button case. Meng Wanzhou has been held since December 1 in Canada on an American extradition request and faces US fraud charges related to sanctions-breaking business dealings with Iran. The 46-year-old executive was arrested in Vancouver while changing planes, ratcheting up tensions between the US and China just as the countries' leaders agreed to a truce in their trade war.

12/8/2018 11:58:56 AM

Rep. Joaquín Castro: If Trump Weren't President, 'He'd Be In Court Right Now'With the release of court filings Friday that seemed to further implicate

12/8/2018 3:25:54 PM

Military officials unveil damage from powerful Alaska quakeANCHORAGE, Alaska (AP) — Last week's magnitude 7.0 earthquake near Anchorage caused multiple problems at the sprawling Joint Base Elmendorf-Richardson, including damage to steel frameworks, ceilings, and sprinkler and heating systems, military officials said Friday.

12/7/2018 10:21:46 PM

Dow Jones drop adds to losses, weekly gloom for stock investorsFears about trade and the economy spurred relentless selling on Wall Street Friday, capping a dismal stretch. The Dow fell 4.5 percent for the week.

12/7/2018 4:07:27 PM

Paris braces for 'ultra-violent' riots as moderate 'yellow vests' urge protesters to stay awayParis is bracing for a day of “ultra-violent” unrest on Saturday as moderate figureheads of the “yellow vest” movement urged protesters to stay away from the French capital on Saturday. The city is preparing for lock down with a string of stores, museums and landmarks, including the Louvre, Eiffel Tower and Galeries Lafayette shut for security reasons. Luxury boutiques, restaurants and businesses on the Champs-Elysees and around the presidential palace are under orders to close. Many were being boarded up around the capital. Six French league football games have been cancelled around France. "According to our information, radicalised and rebellious people will try to mobilise tomorrow," warned interior minister Christophe Castaner. While he said the numbers would only number “several thousand,” he added: ”Some ultra-violent people want to take part.” He did not rule out “foreign” agitators being among them.  Twelve gendarmerie armoured vehicle s are to be deployed in Paris against potential rioters Credit: ARNAUD JOURNOIS/AFP An unprecedented 89,000 police and gendarmes will be deployed around the country on Saturday, a third more than last weekend, in an attempt to avoid a repeat of those riots  - the worst since the 1968 student uprising. One woman has been arrested in possession of two firearms after posting a message saying: “A good cop is a dead cop.” Elsewhere in France, police said they seized 28 petrol bombs at a roundabout in Montauban near Toulouse, as well as three homemade bombs. Around 8,000 security forces will guard landmarks in Paris where rioters last weekend torched 200 cars, looted shops and vandalised the Arc de Triomphe. For the first time in decades, they will bring in 12 armoured vehicles able to clear burning barricades. Criticised for being too static, forces are expected to adopt a more mobile formation, though Mr Castaner said he would provide no details that would help vandals. Paris prosecutor Remy Heitz said police have also been given the power to carry out stop and search checks at any "sensitive points" in the city. Security forces were cited by French press as fearing a cocktail of far-Right and Left militants, infuriated provincial “yellow vests” with no prior history of clashing with police and looters from the deprived suburbs. Paris mayor Anne Hidalgo issued a plea to spare the City of Light, saying: "Take care of Paris on Saturday because Paris belongs to all the French people.” Paris is bracing for violence on a par with last Saturday's rioting - not seen in 50 years Credit: Etienne De Malglaive/ Getty Images  Given the warnings, a group of prominent protesters dubbed “the free yellow vests” urged people to stay away from the capital and called for “calm, respect of public assets and security forces”. Turning up would be to fall into a “government trap” to lump together moderate demonstrators calling for lower taxes and higher purchasing power and “vandals”, they said. “The government wants to pass us off as rioters, that’s not the case, said Benjamin Cauchy one of the yellow vest “spokespeople” who have received death threats from more radical elements. “We’re open to dialogue. We’re waiting for a fiscal and social electroshock the government,” he said after they were refused an audience at the Elysée Palace. Another high-profile “yellow vest” not part of Mr Cauchy’s network was placed under investigation for “provoking committing a crime” after he urged protesters to try and storm the Elysée.  Polls suggest that while 70 per cent of French support the "yellow vest" movement, six out of ten are now "worried" about violence. Emmanuel Macron has gone off the radar in recent days, leaving his PM to front the "yellow vest" crisis Credit: Thibault Camus/AP In the midst of his most dangerous crisis since being elected, Mr Macron has gone virtually off the radar in recent days, hunkered down at the presidential palace and reliant on his prime minister, Edouard Philippe, to make announcements and offer concessions. There was French press speculation that Mr Edouard may be sacrificed in an imminent reshuffle. He is not expected to speak before Monday. ”The President will speak early next week. I think this is what the French people want, they want answers," transport minister Elisabeth Borne told Sud Radio on Friday. "The President will send a message to the French that he is listening to their anger...and that new answers have obviously to be found." But Mr Macron was facing another outbreak of unrest on Friday after widespread outrage over footage showing the arrest of lycee students protesting against education reforms outside Paris. Taken on Thursday at Mantes-la-Jolie, the film showed a group of students on their knees with their hands behind their head. They are being watched over by armed police officers whose faces are hidden by ski masks. Far-Left parties slammed what they called police brutality while Philippe Martinez, head of the leftist CGT union, said: “You don’t hit kids.” Mr Castaner said that 151 people were arrested in the small town, adding that some were adults, carried weapons and had thrown open gas canisters onto a burning barricade. While none of the students were injured, France's rights watchdog has opened an investigation into the arrests. In one positive development for the presidency, the CGT and FO unions dropped a threat to call a rolling lorry strike that threatened to cripple the country starting from Sunday. Two days after the government scrapping the green fuel tax that sparked the protests amid other sweeteners,  the labour minister Muriel Penicaud held talks with bosses and unions on Friday, urging companies to consider boosting employees' wages. "Everyone can do something, so everyone must do something," she said.

12/7/2018 11:53:16 AM

Pantone's 2019 Color Of The Year Holiday GiftsEarlier this week, the Pantone Color Institute announced its 2019 color of the

12/7/2018 3:17:32 PM

Suspect in model's strangulation death pleads not guiltyPHILADELPHIA (AP) — A man accused of strangling a model in an affluent Philadelphia suburb pleaded not guilty Friday to murder charges, days after a suspect in the burglary of her apartment was taken into custody.

12/7/2018 4:15:31 PM