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RECO Information Guide

As of December 1st, 2023, the Laws in our industry have changed. You are now required to read and review this Guideline Form as soon as possible. This new form is called the "RECO Information Guide".

This is not a contract. All you need to do is simply review it to be informed of Client Representation choices.
Contact me to review and explain the details to make sure you understand everything.

The Representation that you end up choosing as we move forward will have an impact on my abilities to fully help you and the services I can provide. The only purpose of this form is to explain the details of your two choices of representation.

1) Representation with a Real Estate Agent or 2) Self Representation (No Representation)
Click on the attachment at the bottom of the page to open the RECO Information Guide

Please get back to me with any questions you have by email or phone.
Once you are satisfied with your understanding of this form, it would be appreciated if you:

  1. Sign and date it.
  2. Download a copy and save it. (Download arrow top right of page pointing down)
  3. Email me that copy to

I will keep a record of this in your file as proof I am following the new rules and regulations.

Thanks in advance for your understanding and replies.

----- Frequently asked questions: ------------------------

  1. Do I pay you for your services?
    Answer: My fees are paid for by the listing brokerage (property owner) 99.9 % of the time. If this is not the case, I would let you know in advance and discuss how we can handle that.
  2. Why do I need an agent to help me?
    Answer: The truth is you can do all the work to find a property, properly prepare and complete the needed documents required for any Purchase Offer or Lease Offer (Rental Application, Letters Of Employment, Full Credit Reports, ID's, Offer Documents and Offer Clauses for your protection, etc.) and prepare the proper legal Offer documents required. Many people do not know how to, or are not comfortable with 100% of all that there is to do. It is important to know how to negotiate, handle the entire process and how to deal with the listing agent and/or owners questions so you have yourself protected and properly represented.
  3. What will you do for me if I choose to have you represent me as my real estate agent?
    Answer: As a start, I will talk with you to start good communication and understanding of your needs, obtain all the information needed to search for properties that meet your needs and budget, email you daily updates on properties that match, book viewings on all properties you want to see in an organized order at a convenient time for you, keep you updated on these properties and any offers, evaluate and give you my advice about properties, explain any issues I am aware of about a property, review your needed supporting documents (if a rental offer), give you suggestions to strenghten your offer position and documents, prepare your offer documents, get them signed, deliver them to the proper listing agent or owner for review, confirm the offer is received, deal with questions and concerns about you or your offer with the listing agent or owner, discuss with you the replies to offers, recommend replies back to the listing agent or owners questions and concerns and do everything possible to have your offer accepted. This is not an exhaustive list but you get the idea that I will provide full service.

I look forward to being able to provide you the full services I have to offer and that you likely expect, which I can do for you by representing you as your agent representative.
Please click on the Attachment below to open the RECO Information Guide for your review and completion. The RECO Information Guideline will automatically open for you.


1) RECO-Information-Guide.pdf2.32 MB

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